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Decorated Christmas Tree

Meet Santa

Meet Santa

Meet Santa Event

Saturday 9th December 2023 from 12 noon onwards-

Or Saturday 16th December 2023 from 12 noon onwards-


You can still drop-in On the Meet Santa Events. However, we will not be able to offer the Personalised Christmas Stocking option for the 3 years and under age group. The Stockings will just be a plain design.


We are now taking enquiries and bookings for next year 2024. Please click the button below and this will take you to our email enquiries section.

Where? - Hoar Park Farm, B4114, Nr Ansley, Nuneaton CV10 0QU

How much does it cost?-  £9.99 Per Child

What do we get? - You will get to meet Santa & Mrs Clause in the warm and very Christmassy Grotto.


You will spend around 5 minutes with Santa and Mrs Clause, and before you leave, Santa will give you a gift.

What kind of gift do we receive?

Santa will be giving the Children/ Child an age appropriate arts and crafts set, for those aged 3+. This includes either a pick and paint set or an assorted colours modelling clay set.

For the Children who are ages 3 and under, We will be giving a Personalised Santa Stocking, handmade by our very own Christmas Elves!

Simply let us know the first name of the Children/ Child who you are bringing to visit Santa. We will pack and label their gifts in advance. Mrs Clause will have everything ready for you when you come into the Grotto.

For a Personalised Santa Stocking, Please make sure you let us know the first name, or nickname of the Child/Children, so that our Elves can make their Stocking, and add their name. Ideally, we need at least three days notice, so the Elves have enough time!

What time?

From 12 noon onwards until finish (around 4pm), on Saturday 9th and Saturday 16th December if you are coming on the Weekend Santa Event.

How do we get to join the queue? - Once you arrive, please just join the queue outside of the Crafty Corner Arts and Crafts workshop. 

There will be queuing signs to guide you, starting in the main Farm Courtyard just under the arched double-gateway.

What is the procedure?

Upon arrival, please join the queue outside of the Crafty Corner Workshop. Bookings are not structured as a time-slot, it works on a first come first serve basis. There will be a helpful Elf to assist you whilst you queue.

Once you near the front of the queue, Mrs Clause will call you in to the warm waiting area.

Once the family/ group who were in front of you in the queue have finished, Mrs Clause will appear from the Grotto and will show you in to meet Santa.

Mrs Clause will find your details on her list with the method you used to book. Therefore, let Mrs Clause know how you booked, when she comes out of the Grotto to greet you.


Also, have your email address, or the mobile number you used to book via WhatsApp ready too.

Are there special Terms & Conditions? Yes, we ask that once you have been called in by Mrs Clause, that a parent or guardian accompanies the children/ or child who is meeting Santa.

For health and safety purposes, we also ask that children do not have physical contact with Santa. As an alternative, we invite the accompanying adult/s to sit next to Santa, and that they have the children sit with them. or on their lap.

Who else is in the Grotto with Santa? Mrs Clause is always in the Grotto with Santa. Mrs Clauses main jobs are: Greeting you, and showing you through to the Grotto, Ticking your name of Santa's Visitor list, Making sure you are all comfortably seated, Taking pictures on your device only at your request, and making sure that you have received your Christmas Gift/s, and take them before you leave!

Is the booking refundable? No, once the booking has been made it is non-refundable. However, in the event that you are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, then we will still send/ or personally deliver the child/children's Christmas Gift. Santa, Mrs Clause and the team would feel very sad if the Children didn't get their Gift/s.


Can we take pictures? - Yes, you are welcome to take pictures of your meeting Santa memory 2023.

Do we have to pay extra to take pictures? No, we do not charge any additional fees for you to take family photographs with Santa.

Can you take a picture for us? Yes, we are happy to take a picture for you on your own phone/ camera or device. This way, all of the family gets to be on the pictures! Just ask Mrs Clause, this is one of her main jobs! She will be happy to assist you!

Do you take any pictures of us? No, we never take or ask to take any pictures of you on our devices. We will only take a picture of you on your own device at your request.

Special Features... 'oh no! look out.. I think I saw the Grinch!
We know how difficult it is to contain the boredom and excitement of children in a queue! So we have a cunning plan this year!


Oh dear! Watch out! The Grinch is about! Yes, whilst you are waiting in the queue this year, there will be a surprise guest! He is green and often seen as very mean! But remember he doesn't hate Christmas, he just isn't a fan of people!


So be sure to have some extra fun in the queue this year everyone! Because you and the kids are going to receive a little extra in the form of live panto entertainment! Enjoy your queuing-time with an extra twist!


Watch, and be entertained while the Chief Christmas Elf battles things out with the mischievous Grinch! 

The Storyline...

What will we all ever do? The Grinch is on the loose and we can't let Santa find out! This is because Rudolph has a magic power to secretly read Santa's thoughts! If Santa finds out, then it is almost certain that Rudolph will find out too!


The main dilemma, is Santa finding out! If Rudolph finds out, he will be worried about delivering those Christmas gifts! We can't have that happen can we!? This is where we need your help!


If you see the Grinch in the queue, then you must tell the Chief Christmas Elf. The Christmas Elf has been given a special book of magic Christmas spells from The Christmas Fairy. A few of the pages cover Christmas spells to make a Grumpy Grinch more people friendly! Can you help the Chief Christmas Elf?

    Don't forget to-

    Grab those last minute Christmas bargains at the beautiful little shops in the courtyard! They are staying open specially for you!

    Queue for the free Mince pies , Mulled Wine and Chestnuts, which will be served by the wonderful family owners of Hoar Park Farm...

    Enquire with our amazing Florist at Reflections about bespoke fresh/ artificial Christmas wreaths and tributes... ( next door to the left of Crafty Corner/ Santas Grotto)

    Enquire about unique hand made jewellery commissions with our very talented handmade jewellery supplier at The Collection... ( next door to the left of the archway where the free mince pies are being given out).

    Sing some Christmas Carols around the tree with the amazing music brought to us by the Bulkington Silver Band.

    Grab a delicious Hog Roast 

    Check out the late night Tea

    Bargain hunt in the Red Barn at the fantastic Craft Fayre.


    More about the event on Victorian Night December 2024

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